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LAP 07: Locally Advanced Pancreatic cancer

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Randomized multicenter phase III study in patients with locally advanced adenocarcinoma of the pancreas: gemcitabine with or without chemoradiotherapy and with or without erlotinib

The LAP07 study is a large intergroup (Gercor, BGDO, Sweden, Canada, Australia and New-Zealand) study, started in 2008 and designed to answer the place of the radiochemotherapy in locally advanced adenocarcinoma of the pancreas after induction with chemotherapy (gemcitabine +/- Tarceva).

Study objective : To assess the benefit of RCT on overall survival in patients with pancreatic tumor under control after 4-month CT induction, compared to continuation of the same CT for 2 months.

Planned accrual: 902 patients
Actual date of 1st inclusion : Feb 2008
End of inclusion : 15 Feb 2012

Begin January 2011, 315 patients were enrolled, from which 270 in France, 29 in Belgium, 9 in Australia, 6 in Sweden and 1 in New-Zealand. 70 centres are actively recruiting, from which 10 are located in Belgium.