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Meeting 2011

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Multidisciplinary Challenges in Colorectal Cancer
Click on the names to view the presentations

Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer
2 cases: G. Houbiers, CHC Liège M. Van Den Eynde, UCL
Is MRI mandatory and does it guide treatment decisions? R. Beets-Tan, Maastricht
Optimal actual strategy in locally advanced rectal cancer.
V. Valentini, Rome
Future perspectives for the neoadjuvant treatment of rectal cancer. I Chau, London
What is the role of Tumor Regression Grade (TRG) in rectal cancer and other GI Cancers? I. Nagtegaal, Nijmegen
Should the surgeon determine upfront the type of resection? A. D'Hoore, UZ Leuven
The approach for local relapse. T. Wiggers, Groningen

Liver Metastases of Colorectal Cancer
case: A Hendlisz, Bordet
Aggressive surgery – where are the limits? Gr. Poston, Liverpool
What is the optimal treatment for conversion? E. Van Cutsem, UZ Leuven

Locoregional treatment:
      Stereotactic RT, X. Mirabel, Lille
     ◊ SIRS and BEADS: clinical indications, M. Ducreux, Paris 

Clinical & biomolecular markers of liver surgery “benefit”? V. Donckier, ULB