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Meeting 2012

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Multidisciplinary Challenges in Upper GI Cancer
Click on the names to view the presentations

2 cases: T. Boterberg UZ Gent,   St. Laurent, UZ Gent , ● R. Marechal, ULB Erasme - I. El Nakadi, ULB Erasme-Bordet 
EMR: when is it a staging tool and when is it a therapeutic tool?.
P. Deprez, UCL Brussels
Is surgery still necessary in good responders after chemoradiotherapy? . Chr. Mariette, Lille
Is chemoradiotherapy necessary or mandatory in all patients? R. Glynne-Jones, London

case: Gh. Houbiers, D. Francart, CHC Liège Bordet
Quality control in surgery?
C. van de Velde, Leiden Brussels
State of the art of adjuvant/neoadjuvant gastric cancer?. P. Michel, Rouen

GE Junction Gastric
Do we treat GEJ cancer as oesophageal or gastric cancer? M. Stahl, Essen
What do we need to irradiate? K. Haustermans, UZ Leuven
Imaging with PET: the role in respons prediction. K. Ott, Heidelberg
A The role of biomarkers in respons prediction of oesophageal and gastric cancer.  M. Moehler Mainz