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Course 12

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Molecular Biology from GI Cancer Practical Application in Daily Clinical Practice
Click on the names to view the presentations

Introduction to new technologies for dissecting the complexity of cancer. P. Vandenberghe UZ Leuven
• Emerging biological therapies in GI tumors A. Awada, Bordet Brussels
• Angiogenesis Understanding the key targets and the resistance mechanisms Ol. Feron UCL Brussels
Gastric cancer HER-2/Neu testing: from the appropriate technique to the treatment: Belgium guidelines A. Jouret - Mourin UCL Brussels
• Evaluation of tumor response in patients treated with biologicals challenges for the future?. A. Hendlisz Bordet Brussels
GIST: Mutation analysis: When? How? Impact on the treatment. H. Prenen UZ Leuven
NET: the rationale and role of targeted treatments I. Borbath UCL Brussels
• HCC: Role of angiogenesis and molecular targets and their therapeutic impact. A. Geerts UZ Gent
Pancreatic cancer: the molecular landscape of pancreatic cancer: towards clinical application J-L Van Laethem ULB Brussels
• Quiz - Molecular biology for clinicians Chr. Verslype UZ Leuven ● Ph. Van Hootegem AZ Sint-Lucas Brugge

Colorectal cancer
MSS-MSI: detection and clinical impact on diagnosis and Treatment P. Pauwels UZ Antwerpen
When and how to ask a genetic test?. K. Dahan I.M.T.R.Loverval
MPitfalls and challenges with targeted agents E. Van Cutsem UZ Leuven
KRAS mutations: how to look for them? Quality control pathologist. P. Demetter ULB Brussels
KRAS mutations & beyond for anti-EGFR targeted therapy. M. Peeters UZ Antwerpen