BGDO | Belgian Group of Digestive Oncology

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Course 14

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BGDO Digestive Oncology Course 2014

Molecular Biology from GI Cancer Practical Application in Daily Clinical Practice
Click on the names to view the presentations

Understanding the basics of cancer

- Introduction to genome analyses methods Peter Vandenberghe KUL

- Role of the pathologist in molecular analysis Patrick Pauwels UZA

- Signaling pathways in stem cells and cancer Gilbert Vassart ULB

- Understanding the mechanisms of angiogenesis Diether Lambrechts KUL

Immunology and cancer

-Basic principles behind specific immunotherapy against cancer Pierre Coulie UCL

-Immunotherapy: the Phoenix reborn Jean-Francois Baurain UCL

Heredity and cancer

- When and how to test for hereditary gastric cancer? How to screen high-risk patients? Bruce Poppe UZ Gent

- When and how to test for hereditary pancreatic cancer? How to screen high-risk patients? Ivan Borbath UCL

- Who and how to test for hereditary colon cancer? Karin Dahan IPG

- Rare hereditary syndromes: Jenneke van den Ende UZA


Colorectal cancer

- When and how to test for markers in colon cancer: RAS, BRAF, other.. Sabine Tejpar KUL

- Single or multiple phenotypes! Anne Mourin UCL

Gastric , pancreatic and rare tumors

-The molecular targets in gastric cancer and its potential applications: HER2, cMet, FGFR Eric Van Cutsem KUL

- Understanding the molecular biology of pancreatic cancer: Patrick Jacquemin UCL

- Are there any clinically relevant markers in pancreatic cancer: hENT, SPARC,…? Jean-Luc Van Laethem ULB

- GIST tumor: impact of mutation analysis Karen Geboes UZ Gent

- Pathologic and molecular characteristics in NET Ivan Borbath UC