BGDO | Belgian Group of Digestive Oncology

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Meeting 2015

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Click on the names to view the presentations

Advances in histopathology with focus on mixed liver cancer: Tania ROSKAMS, UZ Leuven,
Molecular profiling of HCC and clinical relevance.
Peter GALLE, Mainz
Latest development in HCC imaging . Bernard VAN BEERS, Paris
HCC and liver tumors, resect, transplantation Vincenzo MAZZAFERRO, Milan
Liver transplantationfor HCC : impact of the AFP model : Christophe DUVOUX, Paris

Radioembolization for HCC Bruno SANGRO, Mainz
New Radiotherapy techniques for HCC, expanding the indications. Xavier Mirabel, Lille

• HCC : Therapeutic algorithm: Jean-Luc RAOUL, Marseille